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Adopting An Irish Water Spaniel

On rare occasions Irish Water Spaniels become available for adoption. The members of the IWSCA Rescue Committee work to locate and protect any IWS in need and then match these dogs with appropriate new homes.If you are interested in our “Irish Water Spaniels with experience” here is some information to help you.

Are all rescued IWS “problem” dogs?

Absolutely not.“Life happens” and sometimes this means that a beloved dog no longer fits into the scheme.  This is when our Rescue Committee steps in.  All IWS that are available for adoption have gone through a rigorous examination to determine its adaptability, health status, personality, etc in order to help the dog and new owner find exactly the right match.

Do I get to meet the dog before I commit to it?

Ideally, this is what we strive for but because of logistics this is not always possible.  We strive to ensure that there is a personal delivery from the IWS Team to the new home, at which time any obvious flaws in the placement can be identified. We keep in daily contact in the early post-placement time period, with the ability to provide advice or step in, if necessary.

What if it turns out that it doesn’t work out with my adopted dog? 

The IWSCA Rescue Committee’s goal is to find a safe and loving forever home for our wonderful dogs.  If it turns out the match is not perfect for you contact us and we will take the dog back and find a more appropriate situation for you and the dog.

Are these re-home dogs purebred?

Yes, While there may be times we are not sure of the exact pedigree we are sure the dogs we work with are Irish Water Spaniels.  You will not get AKC papers with your dog but you can apply for an ILP (Indefinite Listing Privilege) which will allow you to compete in all but conformation events.

What does it cost to rescue an IWS?
There will be an adoption fee that varies depending on the costs involved in saving, vetting, microchipping, spaying/neutering/etc the dog available. Please discuss this with your Breed Rescue contact.

How do I get started?

Read through this website, particularly the page Choosing the Breed to make sure you have an understanding of the energetic nature of the breed and the approximate yearly cost of owning a dog.  Take a look at the Rescue Contract (below) to see what will be expected of you.If you believe you still wish to pursue an IWS Rescue dog, complete our application and email it to one of our Rescue Team members who will be your guide to finding a wonderful, deserving Irish Water Spaniel with Experience.

Rescue Mission Statement

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Rescue Letter

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