Irish Water Spaniel Club of America

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Breeders' Education Committee

Committed Breeders
Preserving a healthy, versatile breed

The Breeders' Education Committee is committed to the future of this rare breed. It exists to inform and educate IWSCA breeders on issues of health, genetics and breeding practices designed to promote the ongoing health and welfare of the Irish Water Spaniel. To this end we have agreed to a rigorous set of recommended breeding practices such as: open information exchange, health testing in accordance with the Irish Water Spaniel CHIC protocol, collaboration with the IWSCA Health and Genetics Committee, participation in breed-specific health studies, promotion of responsible pet ownership, and responsibility for any puppy they have bred - for the life of that dog.

IWSCA Breeders' Education Committee Members

Laurel Baglia

Pepi Barrington

Deborah Bilardi

Mindy Garbarino

Shona Ensign

Greg Johnson

Kim Kezer

Pam Manus

Marian McLeod 541-902-0579  (does not use computer)

Sharon Moreland

Pat Morton

Lynn Musgrave (Chair)

Stephanie O'Reilly

Jim Rubin

Susan Sarracino

Dede Selph

Rosemary Sexton

Lonnie Sparkes

Larry and Ginny Spencer

Susan Tapp

Rich and Mary Su Turner

Tim Ufkes

Betty Wathne

Liz Weaver