Irish Water Spaniel Club of America

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Online IWSCA Membership Renewal 2021

How to Renew Online

  1. First, choose which type of membership you are renewing from the list below. Your current membership type is listed at the top of your renewal letter. 
  2. Click on the appropriate "Add Item To Cart" button. 
  3. If you want to get your newsletters printed and mailed to you, click "return to shopping" from your cart and click on the "Add Item To Cart" button for the Newsletter Hardcopy Mailed option.
  4. If you want to donate to any of the five funds, click "return to shopping" from your cart, then click on the "Add Item To Cart" button for each fund for which you wish to make a donation.You will have the opportunity to put in the amount you want donate as the number of $1 items in your shopping cart. 
  5. Please click "update" to add your donation amount.
  6. If you are renewing online and want to update your address, please email changes to the Membership Chair, Heidi Currier Ferris, at

 IWSCA Membership Renewal

 Regular Membership                        
 Household Membership
 Junior Membership
Optional Payments
are now tax deductible
* Donations to the 5 designated club funds
 Newsletter Hardcopy Mailed $80.00
 *IWSCA National Specialty Fund
 *IWSCA Rescue Fund Donation
 *IWSCA Genetic Concerns Fund Donation
 *IWSCA Breeder Education Programs Donation
 *IWSCA General Fund Donation